I handle adult science fiction and fantasy, mostly skewing upmarket, and am also interested in hard-edged, innovative crime novels and thrillers; strong commercial writing is the most important criteria. Please have a look at my current clients as a good guide to the style of storytelling I favor.

I am also interested in narrative up-market non-fiction on a variety of subjects.


At the current time I'm considering new clients by professional recommendation only.

Email: send a brief query via, including any information regarding previous publications; you may also include the first 5-10 pages of your manuscript in the body of the email (no attachments, please).

I'm managing a start-up agency with a large client list so I have to give priority in terms of time to my current clients. Thanks for your understanding.

Please email me at the "" email address only. Queries to other email accounts are assumed to be spam and are deleted.

For ease of reference, please put the title of the work and the genre (if applicable) into the message line of your query.




I’m currently looking for upmarket commercial fiction across all genres.  The common thread is a strong, interesting voice and an atmospheric sense of place.   I appreciate a good sense of adventure and wit in a story--extra points if it has a strong female protagonist—but I’m not above an emotional pull if the story warrants it.   I’m more open to fantasy if it’s YA than adult, and I’m not looking for straightforward romance.  

On the YA and middle grade side, the style of writing—a strong, sure plot, a sense of adventure, and a memorable protagonist with a sure voice—is the same.  I’m not currently looking for nonfiction on the YA side.  I am open to graphic novels, however. 

For nonfiction, I like unusual histories (like COD) and pop culture narratives, including humor, though not celebrity bios or memoirs.  I don’t represent business, lifestyle, self-help or cookbooks.



Please send a brief email query that includes a description of the book, any information on previous publications, and the first 5-10 pages in the body of the email.  Please put the title of the work and your name in the subject line of your email.  If it is out on submission with other agents, please let me know that as well. 

Unfortunately, our workload cannot allow me to respond to every query.  If I have requested a complete manuscript, however, I will provide a response, though it may be a few weeks between requesting the complete work and my reply.  

Please only email queries to the email address.  



My primary focus is speculative fiction ranging from fantasy to science fiction to horror to techno-thrillers, but if it's got great commercial appeal and a strong voice, then it's for me. I generally only represent writers in the adult age range, but will consider fantasy YA only if it could be considered crossover. At the moment, I'm especially hungry for epic fantasy and grounded sci-fi.

My clients all have a unique voice that only they could write. While they sometimes genre bend or even genre hop, they always bring strong characters that I can't ignore and delicious prose that's irresistible. While I am a huge fan of comedy and humor in writing and firmly believe the world needs more laughter, some of my clients write the darkest and most serious fiction out there. So don't think your book is too lighthearted or too serious for me. I'm also always on the lookout for a great hook that I can pitch to studio execs and production companies. It's the way of the industry these days, so let's turn your book into a tv series or movie!

I want to make a special note that I'm always looking for diverse fiction whether it be in subject matter or author. I do not discriminate based on race, age, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, or anything else.


I only accept email queries at Paste your query into the body of your email.

You can submit up to the first three chapters of your completed novel. Generally, pasting the chapters into the body of the email after the query ensures it passes whatever spam filters, however I will accept the chapters as an attachment. For attachments, please use either .doc, .docx, or .rtf files. No pdfs.

Want to get ahead with your query? Here are some simple steps to be ahead of the pack. Be yourself, but be professional. Spell my name correctly! Follow the guidelines. Remember, the purpose of a query is to make me want to read the book (not just summarize the plot, get me excited about the pages you've provided!).